Bane Vasić

Bane Vasic


Error Correction Laboratory: Director. Coding theory and applications to quantum computing and communications, optical communications and flash memories.

LDPC Codes: Pioneering work on structured low-density parity check (LDPC) error correcting codes and iterative decoders. Designed codes and decoders with best error-floor performance known today.

Codelucida: Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Codelucida, a company developing error correction coding solutions for flash memories.

Bell Labs: An inventor of the soft error-event decoding algorithm, and the key architect of a detector/decoder for Bell Labs data storage read channel chips which were regarded as the best in industry.

Bane Vasic


IEEE Fellow - For contributions to coding theory and its application in data storage systems and optical communications

Kenneth Von Behren Chair

da Vinci Fellow

Chair of the Data Storage Technical Group - IEEE Communications Society

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Scholarship

2019 Best of Show Award for the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology for Codelucida - Flash Memory Summit

2018 I-dotd Startup of the Year for Codelucida - Tech Launch Arizona

Institute of Advanced Study Grant - Universite Paris Seine

2017 Arizona Innovation Challenge Award for Codelucida- Arizona Commerce Authority

Expert Panel Chair - Flash Memory Summit